Last Week’s Links This Week

Here are a few of the things I found useful last week:

  • Forgotten Linux Commands – useful for things like repeating commands, column-izing output, etc.
  • 5 Commands to Check Memory Usage on Linux – more than just the usual top, includes free w/ switches, etc.
  • Commandline Challenge – This is pretty cool!  A good test of your bash chops.  I got stuck waaay too early.
  • Alassian University – if you have been getting inundated with Atlassian ads on WUBR, or actually use Jira and Confluence, this is their corporate training site.  I have taken a little of the official Jira training and so far feel it needs refinement.
  • Xen4 QuickStart – for a project I’m starting this week modeling an older CentOS environment at work.  CentOS host running Xen w/ guests.  Seeing how to migrate them easily over to VMWare.  No need to migrate the hosts, so this should be (hopefully) an easy task for VSphere Standalone Converter.  Still, want to create a test environment first before attempting this with the real thing.
  • A new Linux From Scratch has been released.  I can’t wait to have the time to try out this fun-looking project.
  • EZPrompt – a BASH prompt generator.  Useful if you are too lazy to look this up yourself.
  • Linux Sucks – for the last time.  This YouTube video series has been wicked fun to watch.
  • Playing with rsync deltas – this person’s tips have been very helpful on another modeling project I am working on.

Note: Most of these links from the cron.weekly newsletter.  This is an excellent source of weekly Linux / Open Source News and is worth the time to read weekly.

  • Last one – a good quick read on Gizmodo about Amazon’s outage a couple weeks ago.  Specifically, their AWS service.  If you have a VPS on this service, you are probably painfully aware of this outage.

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